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I'm Dr. Kristie Norwood

and I'm here to "ReMIND U" that together we can decrease the stigma of mental health.

I am a licensed psychologist with a heart for helping my clients obtain healing, while educating the community about mental wellness.

As a clinician, I offer a warm and inviting atmosphere to the therapeutic environment.  Much of my clinical work has centered around working with trauma survivors, anxiety and depression conditions, and helping clients navigate life  transitions.

My core values of awareness and advocacy have paved the way for my work in program development, training and education around mental health issues. As such, I provide individual and group therapy services to clients  while also educating and training the community at large around a variety of mental wellness topics.

I maintain connection to the community through membership in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the American Psychological Association, and my church home. I practice mental wellness in my daily life through mindfulness, traveling, and spending quality time with family and friends.  


Kimberly and Ricardo Frost

RFK Outreach

Her ability to provide detailed guidance on managing the temperament of a marriage is unmatched, because of these skills and talents that she poses she will always be RFK Outreach go to psychologist.

Dr. Norwood works to understand the whole person and meet them where they are to help them grow and change.  She is gifted at communicating ideas, research, and her experience as a psychologist in relatable, engaging ways.

You REALLY blessed us with your excellent grief sessions.  I believe we were empowered and equipped to be better at dealing with grief.I'm believing for great doors to open for you because your gift is for the world!!! Be blessed!

Dr. Jennifer Thiessen

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Pastor Alvin A. George

Mount Peninsula Church

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