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ReMIND U, LLC offers services to increase comfort in dialoguing about mental health and to raise awareness about the stigmas associated with seeking mental health care. Special emphasis and attention is placed on communities of color who suffer from mental health issues at disproportionate rates. Such communities experience cultural barriers which perpetuate the stigmas of help-seeking.  ReMIND U provides culturally competent services, to discuss mental health and decrease the stigma of mental health in communities of color. Recognizing that each of us remain at various phases of comfort in both acknowledging and managing our mental health challenges, ReMIND U meets you where you are.

ReMIND U is committed to providing quality individual and group therapy services while also utilizing psychoeducation, introspection, and dialogue to consistently keep Mental Health in the Discussion (MIND.)  We would be honored to join you and your loved ones on your journey. 

Here are a few ways that ReMIND U has helped others:

  • Individual and Group Therapy with Dr. Kristie

  • Staff and Organization Mental Wellness Trainings

  • Faith Based Organization Workshops

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Self-Awareness Weekends

  • ReMIND U Podcast

Some may be terrified of pursuing therapy, but are willing to attend an open wellness event. Some may be uncomfortable leaving their home but  willing to tune into the ReMIND U podcast.  Some will connect in an intimate group therapy setting, but will never talk with someone individually.  Some may be suffering in silence, but will attend a mental wellness event held by employer or community organization.

Dr. Kristie's Journey of ReMINDers

About Us
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